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UFMT researchers @ ASPL for a 3-month specialization

Apr. 1 – Jun. 30, 2014
Allan Goncalves de Oliveira, MSc, Assistant professor at UFMT IC
Thiago Meirelles Ventura, MSc, Assistant professor at UFMT IC

Allan and Thiago teach at the Institute of Computation (IC) and are PhD students at the Department of Environmental Physics, Federal University Mato Grosso (UFMT), Cuiaba, Brazil. During their stay at the ASPL, Allan and Thiago advanced their knowledge on Computational Bioacoustics methods and worked towards the creation of software tools for the automated recognition of bird vocalizations in real-field recordings. The main topic of interest was to study methods for morphological processing of the audio spectrogram.

The joint research activities resulted in the development of efficient algorithms for automated segmentation of sound events based on morphological filtering of the spectrogram. These methods were integrated in a detector for the acoustic recognition of Vanellus chilensis vocalizations and in a classifier of sounds which aims to identify 40 bird species found in the State of Mato Grosso, Brazil.

The software tools created will be used in the INAU Project 3.14, which aims to establish technology for continuous monitoring of migratory bird species in the Pantanal. This is in agreement with the goal of INAU to create the basis for long-term biodiversity studies in the Pantanal wetlands.

Joimnt activities at ASPLPhoto: Allan Goncalves de Oliveira, MSC (left), and Thiago Meirelles Ventura, MSc. (right), at the ASPL.















Allan's talk at the 2nd Doctoral School

Photo: Allan gives a talk about UFMT, the Brazilian economy and pointed out some opportunities for future collaboration.

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